The Möbius Strip Club

The Möbius Strip Club appears at first as a ring of LEDs chasing themselves around the space on an infinite journey. As burners enter the space, it lights up revealing a second climbable Möbius strip and dancing pole. The art burst to life with music and lights when participants begin to perform.

The Installation

The Möbius Strip Club includes two primary structures, an outer wooden Möbius loop and an inner steel Möbius infinity sign. The Möbius loop contains the space and serves as seating for the club. The edges of the loop are lined with moving LEDs that visit both sides of the Möbius strip on their infinite journey. There is a sound system built into the outer Möbius loop that comes to life when participants interact with the art. Contained within the ring are eight foot high, steel monkey bars in the shape of a Möbius infinity sign. Mounted from the monkey bars in the center of the ring is a dancing pole. The monkey bars and pole are lit by motion activated, disco lights mounted along the edge of the outer loop.

Mission & Philosophy

Möbius Strip Club is a space defined by interaction with its visitors. Similar to life, it can be a very dark experience if left isolated and alone. And as with life, when we play and express ourselves, a symphony of lights and music bursts into existence. The energy put in is amplified and reflected back to remind us how beautiful life is when we participate to our fullest.

If you travel along the surface of a Möbius Strip, you’ll eventually see both sides of everything, but you’ll never reach the end. Nothing stays the same and eventually everything happens, over and over, whether you like it or not, in the eternal Möbius Strip Club. Right and wrong, cause and effect, the sacred and the profane are all snakes biting their own tails. On a long enough timeline, even the most polar of opposites reveal themselves to be two sides of the same story.

Through this art piece, we hope to remind people that life is an eternal, interactive experience. Just as a stage is but a series of flattened boards until the performance begins, life isn’t as amazing as it can be until we start to play. You can stand in the dark or play in the light, but there’s no way off of this Möbius strip we call life.

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