Hinges of Free Will

Hinges of Free Will is an opportunity to explore the seemingly infinite choices that make up our experience we call existence. Every day we are faced with approximately 35,000 choices! The installation is meant to illuminate this fascinating part of our realities.

The Installation

The installation will be a series of doorways. They will be stand alone units as portals to pass through. From a birds eye view, the installation will form an infinity symbol. There will be various types of individual doors (saloon, pocket, French, front, Dutch etc.) with thematic expressions, lighting and design so they will shine as stand alone pieces. The central doorway is a revolving door. The supporting doors will guide you inward and outward from the center point. The doorways will also have small placards of choices for consideration as they pass through to the other side.

Mission & Philosophy

This installation encourages participation in exploring the choices and interacting with 100% of the objects. The participant can use the open doorways to physically frame their experience of the surrounding desert and BRC, or to allow for individual contemplation.

This expression is meant to provide participants with an opportunity for inward/outward exploration of the choices they have made that have led them to the very moment they are now interacting with this piece. The odds of existing at all are hard to comprehend. We are a series of molecules that became sentient. We have the capacity for thoughts and considerations that lead us to make choices that, in turn, affect our own lives and those around us. The self referential nature of the piece is physically expressed through the mathematical infinity symbol, and thematically through the various choices that are outlined as you explore the inward and outward flow of the piece.

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