Future Problems

Future Problems is a Portland-based collective of artists, builders, and creatives who have over 100 combined years of Black Rock City participation fueling our creativity. We’ve contributed to Love Beets, Suburbia, and Black Rock Gladiators! Members have also been the driving forces behind Spoonlandia, Dessert Dwellers, Cleu Camp, and many more. We’ve helped bring the art cars The Beethen and The Turkey to the playa, as well as art pieces such as the Tree of Time, Writer's Block, Rhythmoop, Temple of Kulkukan, Her Secret Garden, the Lillium Gigantum, the A-MAZE-ING Cleu, The Cleu Labyrinth, AND MORE. Our members also count among the ranks of Rangers, Conclave, Temple Guardians, Burn Perimeter, Greeters, Lamp Lighters, Post Office, and Box Office.

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